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Marine Ty B.

French designer and pattern maker living in Toulouse, France.

I am currently studying at Esimode (International Fashion School) an Artistic Pattern Making degree. My work is the reflection of many years abroad and travels. As my second home, Mexico inspires me: its history, its people, its colors and art and its amazing textiles. There is always a little (or a big) something relative to Mexican culture in my creations. 

I like to mix textures and fabrics and to add touches of embroidery, embellishment and other handcrafted details. Natural fibers and raw materials fascinate me. I love to sublimate them by combining them with more sophisticated fabrics. 

If you are photographer, model, makeup artist or hairstylist and if you are interested in my work, don't hesitate to contact me. I am always looking for people to collaborate with. 

Mail: marine.ty.bousquet@gmail.com
Instagram: marine_ty_b
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